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10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

The universe of superstar is hustling and clamoring, with a consistent rotating entryway of new faces coming out to knock the more seasoned ones off the beaten path. All things considered, there’s a tremendous measure of weight on A-listers these days to keep steady over their game. With being fit as a fiddle truly comes an extraordinary mental strain as well, so what do any semblance of Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow do to prevent themselves from going totally nuts? We have single word for you. Yoga.

Yoga began in old India, however just got on in the western world in the 20th century. In addition to the fact that it is an extraordinary method to keep fit as a fiddle and get very adaptable, yet it endeavors to bring the expert inward quality as well. It’s no big surprise that big names the world over can regularly be discovered bent into a wide range of shapes in skintight spandex. As a general rule, Instagram takes care of offering up plenty of peaceful shots of yoga stances and rec center wear. We aren’t griping. Actually, we could all do with taking a break to attempt one of the numerous types of the antiquated practice – yet for the present moment, why not investigate 15 Celebrities Who Love Yoga for some motivation?


10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

The 34-year-old model and ex-wife of Orlando Bloom keeps herself in tip-top shape with yoga. Miranda Kerr got her big break as a Victoria’s Secret model in 2007, the same year that Gisele Bundchen left her wings behind. Kerr uses her physique and doe-eyed looks to her advantage, raking enough money to have consistently been listed on Forbes list of top-earning models since 2008. That’s not to be sniffed at. There’s no doubt that being in the public eye and relying on your looks to pay the bills is a huge amount of pressure for anyone to carry, so balancing your mind while keeping your body healthy is a pretty good move to make.


10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

25-year-old pageant queen and television personality Amy Willerton is also a fan of the super-stretchy practice. After winning Miss Universe Great Britain in 2013 and failing to scoop the ultimate crown in the defining Miss Universe contest, Willerton flew straight to Australia to film the UK’s highly popular reality show, I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! She has bounded around the reality TV circuit ever since; while maintaining her Miss Universe body for the cameras. More often than not the Bristol native has been compared to the Cindy Crawford, with her awe-inspiring curves and beautiful flowing hair. What do you think?


10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

For those celebrities that really, really love keeping fit and yoga, there’s nothing more left to do than start your own line of workout clothes – and that’s exactly what Kate Hudson did in 2013 when she teamed up with JustFab to launch Fabletics, a membership service that decks you out in all the latest gym wear. Is that a smile because she’s doing yoga in this snap, or because she’s raking in a huge paycheck? Let’s face it, it’s probably a bit of both. Hudson has proclaimed her love for meditation too, stating ‘Meditation has been the most helpful and life-changing thing for me. You can feel the difference when you meditate on a regular basis. At least I can…. I started practicing transcendental meditation a year and a half ago so I meditate 20 minutes in the morning and I try to do another 20 minutes in the afternoon.’


10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

There’s nothing like being a former Playboy model to make sure that you keep going to the gym. Jenny McCarthy got her big break in the magazine founded by the late Hugh Hefner in 1993, and hasn’t slowed down since. Now an author, television presenter and author, there’s almost nothing McCarthy hasn’t turned her hand to. Leading such a busy life has to come with its own share of stresses (especially when you dated such crackers as Jim Carrey for a considerable amount of years). McCarthy married into the Wahlberg acting dynasty when she snared Donnie back in 2013. He probably backs her yoga obsession 110%.


10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

32-year-old Kaley Cuoco has been around longer than you might think, picking up a series of supporting film roles since the 90’s. However, it wasn’t until her starring role as lovable actress Penny in the hit comedy series The Big Bang Theory that the world really started taking notice. It’s not always been an easy road for the California girl, who dated her co-star Johnny Galecki and endured a divorce from first husband Ryan Sweeting. When Cuoco first started appearing as Penny, she was more curvacious than she is now. These days, she sports a perfectly toned body that just oozes health – as you can see by this snap taken on the set of the show, yoga had a part to play in this transformation.


10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

Stunning model Christie Turlington is 48 years young – but you wouldn’t think it, would you? The brunette beauty has a pretty impressive resume, from model to charity-founder. A firm practitioner of Jivamukti yoga, Turlington has been stretching out her muscles and learning the craft for 20 years. Not content with just doing it, she’s also penned two books on the subject, Living Yoga: Creating a Life Practice in 2002 and also the Yoga Journal. If the sight of this ultra-fit beauty isn’t enough to have you reaching for a copy of either of these, then we don’t know what is. Turlington married actor Edward Burns in 2003 and have two children together. Interestingly enough, her sister Kelly married Burns’ brother Brain.


10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

Is there anything we don’t love about Jennifer Aniston? She stole our hearts as Rachel in the uber-popular sitcom Friends, and gained worldwide sympathy when her A-list husband Brad Pitt left her for sultry actress Angelina Jolie. Jen proved she didn’t need pity when she continued to style it out with a grace that can’t be taught – but did yoga and meditation have a hand in that? Over the years just about every glossy magazine in the world has revealed an insight into how to get the 48-year-old actresses age-defying physique. According to People, Aniston uses a mixture of spin, cardio and yoga to keep everything in five star form.


10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

A few years ago, actress Gwyneth Paltrow unleashed Goop onto the world, her own website dedicated to lifestyle and well-being. It hasn’t been without its controversies, receiving criticism for touting potentially dangerous practices such as vaginal steaming and jade eggs. What can’t be denied is Paltrow’s love of yoga, stating once when asked, ‘Physically, it completely changed me. I found strength that I never thought I had. And mentally, I mean, it’s taught me just patience and letting go, and it’s really changed my whole psychological outlook, I think.’ Probably best to stick to championing yoga, Gwyneth. Leave the intimate care routines for another day!


10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

Hilaria Baldwin married in to the Baldwin acting dynasty when she snared Alec back in 2011. They met while she was teaching Yoga at Yoga Vida in New York, so it’s no surprise that she absolutely adores practicing it. The couple have certainly been busy, with three children already had and a fourth on the way. Hilaria is also the lifestyle expert for EXTRA, sharing all of her health, beauty and fashion tips to make living a bit more bearable for the likes of you and me. Baldwin clearly likes his women in shape, having previously been married to Kim Basinger – although the less said about that horrible divorce, the better!


10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

The Queen of Pop. Madge. The Material Girl. Whatever you like to call her, there’s no denying that Madonna is the ruler of switching up her image. One thing remains constant and unchanging though despite all of the decades past – her amazing figure. Madge has been practicing yoga for years now, and it shows. Often using her skills on stage for body (and mind) bending tricks, it doesn’t disappoint fans. With often relentless touring schedules and the pressure of living in the limelight, most would buckle under the pressure – but Madonna is an old hat and uses yoga to keep her body and mind in check. If that’s the key to a successful career, then count us in.

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