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10 haircuts to make your face brighter

Adopting “Elf” hairstyle is the shortest way to to catch up with today’s fashion and to improve your hair volume, but making a faded short haircut would clear your face in a magnificent way which is a perfect bonus for your style.

Depending on your mood, it is easy to variate between different short haircuts so we presented a list of fabulous ways to manipulate your hair no matter the color, no matter the texture.

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Pretty much all the shortcuts managed to pull their way through the world of fashion along new hair colors. This bright blonde beige shade is sweet and nice to look at and with an touch of ashy color, your hair style would be on point. The faded areas are uplifted to provide more form while the messy type of texture gives a more relaxed and elegant look.

Simple elf hairstyle with visible bangs

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This is a short, catchy haircut highlights the eyebrows and the eyes. It suits sharp dark hair with nice density to give a toned rounded size. It also has cut outs hair layers that allows you to control this type of hair and create tapered tips.

A slightly swept lock of hair reduce the showing line, while the rounded contour on the sides of the fringe eases down your chin. Whatever your face shape or your skin color, people will flirt. The Elf haircut is here for you to freshen up.

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