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10 Pickup Trucks Were Total Game Changers

It’s presently been longer than a century since the main pickup trucks were fabricated. Be that as it may, sufficiently fascinating, the first idea driving their plan has generally continued as before: it develops around reasonableness.

Pickup trucks have significantly affected the worldwide economy. Most importantly, the maintainability of numerous little and medium-sized endeavors relies upon utilizing them for their unending transportation of merchandise and faculty. Nothing can contrast with them, as they have demonstrated basic.

After some time, not just pickups have gotten more powerful with ever-expanding towing limit; yet in addition accounted for being utilized by a more extensive scope of clients than just farmers, ranchers, or something like that. The more youthful age likewise wants to drive them for experience and fun. Along these lines, basically, there is a pickup for each reason today. Continue looking for a blended rundown of old and current pickups that stand apart for reasons unknown.

10/ 1962 Jeep Gladiator

10 Pickup Trucks Were Total Game Changers
via The Jeep Blog

Jeep Gladiator was initially the basis of the first post-war US Army trucks, which was later adapted as civilian vehicles. The Jeep Gladiator or Jeep Pickup or J-series includes a series of full-size pickup trucks based on the Wagoneer platform. They were built and sold under numerous marques from 1962 to 1988.

The remarkable fact bout Jeep Gladiator/Pickup is that for more than 26 years, it has been built on a single automobile platform generation. There are also numerous versions of the Jeep pickup built in other markets, including Mexico.

9/ 2010 Ford Raptor

10 Pickup Trucks Were Total Game Changers
via Top Speed

The 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor was a powerful, 411-horsepower, 6.2-liter V8 pickup that left a visceral impression on driver’s pickup-truck-driving neurons. The 2010 Ford Raptor was unlike all previous products from Ford’s Specialty Vehicle Team, including the F-150-based SVT Lightning.

This high-performance pickup truck was intended as the street-legal version of the off-road racing model. Its work begins where the pavement ends, when it hits the bare, dusty, rough ground. The four-wheel-drive vehicle is equipped with the most powerful engine available and large Ford lettering in the grille.

8/ 1968 Chevrolet El Camino SS

10 Pickup Trucks Were Total Game Changers
via Mecum Auctions

The third-gen of this utility coupe shared its trim levels with Chevy Malibu. It was built Between 1967 and 1972 based on the Chevelle platform and generally as a response to the success of Ford Ranchero pickup, while the SS variant became available for 1968, as a high-performance muscle car.

Integrating the can and cargo bed into the body, El Camino SS was also adorned with a 454 V8 engine breathing through a custom exhaust system.

7/ 1956 Datsun 120/220

10 Pickup Trucks Were Total Game Changers
via Wikipedia

In January 1955, the latest Datsun truck with up-to-date styling was introduced. The Datsun 120 was a load-carrying version of the Datsun 1000 sedan and came in three trims: delivery van, panel van (120 only), and double cab. In 1957, type 220 was unveiled. It was similar in appearance to the 120-series.

The 120 series’ production continued as a cheaper version. The 220 classes continued in production from 1957 to 1961. It was the first Datsun truck to be equipped with a 12-volt electrical system. It came in two trims: double cab and delivery van versions.

6/1957 Ford Ranchero

10 Pickup Trucks Were Total Game Changers

Promoted as more than a car and more than a truck at the same time, the 1957 Ford Ranchero sales brochure proclaimed its success upfront. This was true since the Ranchero proved as a unique concept in transportation, which had an unbeaten production run of 22 years.

Ford had done something unprecedented with this car, as never before had automotive designers suited up a useful vehicle with the features of a formal motorcar. The American automaker described it as a hard worker capable of performing in a host of occupations, including farmers, ranchers, salespeople, and vending machine operators.

5/ 1968 Toyota Hilux

10 Pickup Trucks Were Total Game Changers
via Twitter

Out of all the trucks produced during the 1970s, Hilux was one of the top-ranking ones. Born in March 1968, this Toyota thing is an excellent workhorse of all time.

The Hilux has survived the past five decades and offered various models over eight generations. It is a reliable, durable, and yet humble type of truck. It has a fascinating history behind, as, at that time, Toyota had two separate pickup model lines under one corporate name. So, essentially the Hilux was the replacement of the two.

4/ 1993 Ford SVT Lightning

10 Pickup Trucks Were Total Game Changers

Ford launched its first specialty pickup truck or F-150 Lightning in 1993. The vehicle was designed by the automaker’s Special Vehicle Team. It was descended from the F-150 Lightning and boasted of its high-speed, off-road specs. It came out of the factory painted in fiery red with teardrop-style alloy wheels.

The Lightning was offered as a single cab, short bed form truck, and proved to be useful for more than just work. The power was coming from a 5.8-liter V8 with 240 horsepower and 340 pound-feet of torque. It could hit 60 mph in 5.7 seconds, pretty quick for a truck from the mid-1990s.

3/ 1955 Chevrolet Cameo Carrier

10 Pickup Trucks Were Total Game Changers
via Old Cars Weekly

Although its high price kept it from being a success, the 1955 Chevrolet Cameo Carrier was crucially important. It was the first car that combined passenger-car styling elements with a truck.

Chevy boasted of the modern design of its completely new and light-weight truck squad of the mid-1950s. Chuck Jordan, the company’s styling head, offered the new styling concept. He intended to create a new kind of pickup that would be eye-catching for its potential customers. The Cameo Carrier did not have a fierce look like other trucks, but it weighed the same 5,000-pounds.

2/ 1946 Dodge Power Wagon

10 Pickup Trucks Were Total Game Changers
via Top Speed

The Power Wagon name belongs to some of the most significant and most practical pickups of the last 70 years. The nameplate continues to live under the Ram brand today. It includes some of the most hard-core off-road models in the market.

The Power Wagon’s roots go back to WWII when Dodge presented the civilian version of its military WC Series trucks. The first Power Wagon was unveiled as the 1946 model year. Due to its eight-foot bed and heavy-duty suspension, the model was especially useful around the farm and product transportation jobs.

1/ 1917 Ford Model TT

10 Pickup Trucks Were Total Game Changers

Before July 27, 1917, when Ford officially entered the truck business, their cars were already turned into trucks and used for several years. On this day, this company unveiled its one-ton-rated Ford Model TT chassis.

Now there were two options available for the eager customer to choose based on their needs: a stripped Model T chassis for light-duty commercial work or a heavier-duty Model TT version for bigger jobs. The Model TT was also significant in another aspect: the brass radiators were replaced by painted steel ones.

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