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7 Tips for Giving Yourself a Haircut While in Quarantine

With most nonessential business closed due to the coronavirus pandemic and people following strict social distancing guidelines, you likely don’t have access to your regular hairdresser or barber. And whether you’re seeking to completely change up your look, or just in desperate need of a trim, there’s a reason you typically turn to a professional for such a matter—after all, cutting hair is no easy task. But if you really can’t wait it out, there’s no need to worry—we’ve got you covered. After connecting—virtually, of course—with top hairdressers, we’ve compiled these expert tips for cutting your hair at home.

1/Use a good pair of scissors.

hair scissors next to red hair

Cutting your own hair is enough of a challenge as it is; don’t make it harder by using the wrong scissors, says Emily Cooper, a professional hairstylist at Freedom Hair Inc in Charlottetown, Canada. Using kitchen scissors, for example, can actually “fray and damage your ends”—she recommends purchasing a cheaper pair of stylists shears. Finally, once you have the right tools and are ready to chop away, make sure to cut vertically, not horizontally, as this makes for a more natural and less blunt cut.

2/Take it slow.

Studio shot of a handsome young man cutting his hair against a grey background

Cooper also says that taking a “less is more” approach is key to avoiding potentially disastrous results.

“You can always go back and take more, but you can’t put it back on,” she says. “If you take 10 inches off and mess that up, it would be worse than if you had only taken off, and messed up, two inches.”

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