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7 police officers suspended in Rochester, N.Y., after the release of a video showing hood placed on a Black man

The suspension order of seven police has been released after the publicity of a video back from the March showing a hood placed on the head of a Black man in police custody.

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The man has died later in custody; his death kept rolling the nation and leading the local officials’ finger-pointing. On Thursday, the question arises, why it took five months to notice Daniel. T. Prude’s death to the public.

The graphic video of Prude’s saying his last words go viral. This video forced Americans to say whether the tactics used by police are too extreme. New Yorkers stepped down for protests and outrage building here and nationwide.

After this, the city Mayor apologized on Thursday and rebuked the city’s police chief. She said that the officials were having a mental break down during his arrest.

Rochester Mayor, Lovely Warren said; “Mr. Daniel Prude was failed by our police, our mental health system, our society and me, And for that, I apologize to the Prude family and all of our community,” She mentioned this all things at a press conference held on Thursday.

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