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8 Foods That Help You Slim down When Eaten Combined

The foods listed below are nutritious and provide you with dozens of vitamins and minerals. They are affordable and you can buy them at any supermarket. If you are now trying to get slimmer, combine some of your regular products and watch your pounds melt faster.

1. Pineapple with Lime
The sour taste of lime mixes well with the sweet taste of pineapple. This is not the only plus of the combo. These two products eaten together stimulate digestion. The fruits boost your metabolism and your fat melts faster. Use the idea to prepare smoothies.

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2. Peanut Butter with Oatmeal
What could ever be healthier than oatmeal for breakfast? It seems, another great alternative is your regular oatmeal with some peanut butter. This combo is perfect since the peanut butter won’t let your body absorb the carbs from the oatmeal too quickly hence you will feel hunger much later than usual. This sort of meal is full of fiber and improves digestion. Pay attention to the ingredients. Pick the butter that consists of 100% peanuts. No added sugars, extra oils or preservatives!

8 Foods That Help You Slim down When Eaten Combined Peanut Butter with Oatmeal
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