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A new Official Billionaire Tyler Perry

Tyler is now an official billionaire; he got something to take ownership of…!

A new Official Billionaire Tyler Perry

Tyle is now a member of 3 comma club as his net worth just jumped. According to the report by Forbes detailing his rise to rich and powerful from “poor as hell”.

Here is the information about how the Forbes are calculating Tyler’s milestone net worth:
–Tyler owns 100% of the content he’s created, $320 million for his entire library along with TV shows, Plays, etc
–He also has $300 million in cash and some investments
–About 330 acres of the studio in Georgia which cost $320 million
–He has $60 million for his stake in BET+, the streaming service which debuted last year
–Also $40 million in homes and toys too
And all this makes a cool 1 billion in figures. The figure is not at all wrong for the guy who first used to sleep in his car.

Tyler was once interviewed once in back 2017 for the show, “OBJECTified,” by Harvey Levin, Perry explained how Tyler believed in betting on himself and in addition to artistic success why He relishes commercial success.

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