After The Creative Emmy Awards, Apollo And RuPaul’s Drag Race Lead The Way …!

The Drag Race between Apollo 11 and RuPaul is getting off to big stars on the first night of Emmy Awards is in books.

The year’s ceremony was split up to five nights, but the race took place in two nights at the weekend before Emmy’s telecast.

Due to some restrictions of COVID-19, all five nights were hosted by Nicole Byer, and he nailed it, filming pre-taped hosting segments.

After The Creative Emmy Awards, Apollo And RuPaul's Drag Race Lead The Way ...!

Apollo 11 took three early awards to home on Monday Night.
Apollo won an award for an outstanding picture editing for nonfiction Programs, Tiger King and Netflix’s The Factory, ESPN’s The Last Dance, HBO’s McMillion’s, and the Apple TV plus ‘Beastie Boys Story.’

The CNN documentary won an award for the outstanding sound editing for reality or a nonfiction program, by beating out all, Netflix’s Cheer, Apple TV Plus’ ‘Beastie Boys Story,’ BO’s McMillions, Netflix’s Tiger King, and HBO’s Epix’s Laurel Canyon: A Place in Time.

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