Alain Moussi Shares His Fitness …What Can We Learn From Him!!!

Alain, a very famous stunt man, had moved to Ottawa in Canada when he was very young as he was born in Africa.

Alain Moussi Shares His Fitness ...What Can We Learn From Him!!!
Anderson Group Public Relations / Alain Moussi

When he was just seven years old, the stuntman discovered his passion and was very good at martial arts.

Alain opened about his fitness in an exclusive interview and answered some questions about his upcoming movie Jiu-Jitsu, which was just a few days in the UK released.

After asking about his diet, he laughed, and Alain said: “Right now? ‘Cause its Christmas so watch out!”

He continued: “When I’m training.”

“I really make sure I tighten everything up… I have a very well-balanced diet.”

Alain Moussi Shares His Fitness ...What Can We Learn From Him!!!
Bobby Quillard / Alain Moussi

And he trains every day, not leaving even a single day.

His diet has “proteins, carbs, veggies, a lot of veggies, fruits…” Which can be perfect died for someone having hobbies like him.

Alain says, “This way, I find it’s not as tedious to maintain.”

“All the sweets we get at Christmas I definitely have to dive into, I don’t stop myself from doing that.”

Alain Moussi

Alain says, “The fitness programme took about two and a half years, three years to develop.”

He also claims that “All the fitness I do has to be functional, because the things I perform on screen are kicks, punches, martial arts, it’s very skill-based.”

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