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Alexandra Mardell Meets “Helen Worth” And She Was “STARSTRUCK”

Alexandra Mardell met Helen Worth and was “star-struck” when she met him first.

Alexandra Mardell
Alexandra Mardell

The actress, 27-year-old has played a role pf Emma Brooker in the show have now revealed that Helen Worth, who plays a role of Gail Platt has helped her and ease the nerve when having an ITV appearance.

Alexandra Mardell said: “You know them as their character names. I thought, ‘Please don’t call Sue Nicholls, Audrey’. I was there on Google trying to make sure I’d got everyone’s name.”

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“Helen Worth told me to take my time and that if I said something wrong, it didn’t matter. That was really lovely. She’s a ‘Corrie’ icon and I was starstruck.”

She continued: “I love playing Emma. I’d not done much comedy so I was a bit worried about her silly ways but I’ve really enjoyed it.”

“She has the best of both worlds now – sometimes she’s comedy, sometimes it’s tragedy. I am hoping there’s many more years for me and more to come from Emma.”

Alexandra Mardell
alexandra mardell as emma brooker in coronation street

The Sunday Mirror Newspaper god Words from Alexandra Mardell: “In lockdown I’ve seen some of the old ‘Corrie’ episodes. I have no idea what’s going on or who most people are but it’s so entertaining.”

“Then you see Bill Roache come in and I’m like, ‘Aww Bill’. He hasn’t changed – he’s exactly the same!”

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