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Alicia Keys Is feeling like she came from ‘Another Planet’

Throughout life, the singer, 39, feels like she had come from outside and said that she doesn’t even belong in the “current Era of History.”

Alicia Keys Is feeling like she came from 'Another Planet'

Alicia, who had signed the contract for the first recording when she was just 15, said: “I have felt like an outsider.”

“I think I learned along the way how to fit into multiple circumstances in different places, different spaces, different people. But I always felt like I was from another planet or another time, and I didn’t belong here.”

“Like I was somehow dropped in this era and I was like, ‘Wait, how did I get here?'”

“That’s always been my outlet, that’s always been my safe space,” she added.

“The ability to write and discuss what I’m feeling and share that intimately – that’s always been my truth.”

“I don’t think there’s been that consciousness before,” BBC had got the news by the singing star.”

“Many people have just said, ‘too bad that’s going on, but that’s not me’ – without really recognising how everybody does participate in the outcome of what’s acceptable and not acceptable.”

“And that’s actually part of what I believe is going to transform it and make it completely unacceptable. I look forward to that happening.”

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