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Alicia Keys’s Goal To “Empower Black America”

Alicia Keys has spoken about the racism in the system and said it uses her fame and the platform where she is to “empower black America” and the best.

Alicia Keys's Goal To "Empower Black America"
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The 39-year-old singer said she is amazed about “how many years of systemic racism,” and she will fight against it.

She explained while discussing her venture: “As an artist, I’m always thinking about how I can use my platform to further racial equality. Our goal is to empower black America.”

“I can’t believe how many years of systemic racism we have to unravel, and come to terms with, and fight against, and redesign, and recreate.”

“I feel like we have to literally force people to understand and to rethink how things are happening, how they’re running, who’s in charge, who we’re creating opportunities for.”

Alicia Keys's Goal To "Empower Black America"
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“‘And at this point, I just think that it’s so deeply woven into the fabric. It’s not OK.”

Alicia mentioned: “Hair is such a gorgeous expression of our individuality and deserves to be respected. I’ve always been proud of wearing braids and I love learning about the power of Hair.”

“I’ve always felt royal when I wear braids. There’s something so beautiful about the Blackness of it, about my African ancestry that I just feel truly connected to.”

Alicia added: “A lot of my fashion and beauty sense comes from being so exposed to the streets at a young age.”

Alicia Keys's Goal To "Empower Black America"
Credit: Milan Zirnic

“And having to really protect myself in so many ways that I always underplayed everything… 42nd street was the pornography capital of New York, so the type of people that you would run into on the street were anywhere between hookers, h**s, pimps and drug dealers.”

“That was where all the X-rated theatres were and the culture there was very grimy.”

“Walking by these places and knowing that I had to interface with these people, I always had to be conscious about my toughness, about my boundaries and my clothes, so I was always very pared down in what I wore.”

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