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Amanda Holden Rock’s In Her Photo Shoot!!!

Amanda Holden has dressed and made a great impression on Monday Night!

Amanda Holden Rock's In Her Photo Shoot!!!

The famous stat of Britain’s Got Talent took on her Instagram and posted a brand new snapshot where she was showing a bright pink dress featuring her beautiful shoulders; she captioned it: “Can’t believe it’s 1984 again… move over Alexis Carrington,” Amanda, 49, quipped in her caption.”

Amanda previously shares her two daughters’ response — 8-year-old Hollie and 14-year-old Lexi about her Outfits’ to Stella magazine while talking to Celia Walden.

She said: “What really annoys them is that I’m naked at home.”

“Last night I went to say goodnight to Lexie wearing only my shower cap and she screamed, ‘Mum! I’m on FaceTime! Why do you always have to be naked?'”

“It’s so hard for girls now, and if Lexie ever starts a sentence with, ‘Do you think I look f…’, I cut her off with, ‘Do not even say that word in my house.'”

Amanda Holden Rock's In Her Photo Shoot!!!

While talking about the plastic surgery she said: “As a woman, I have always shared sneaky things I do in terms of creams or covering roots, but at the moment I’m in a position where I can be honest, because I haven’t had surgery.”

“When I do – because I probably will – I don’t know whether I will tell people I have. But I think women are allowed a bit of mystery, aren’t they?”

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