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Amanda Holden Speaks Out About Diversity’s Black Lives Matter Dance. Says She is “Proud”

Britain’s Got Talent Judge, Amanda Holden, expressed how glad she is that her fellow judges and ITV itself, stood by Ashley Banjo and his dance troupe, Diversity, even after their ‘Black Lives Matter’ dance performance on the show got more than 23,000 Ofcom complaints.

On Monday, Amanda went on the show, Good Morning Britain, and openly supported Ashley. “As the BGT family, and Diversity are very much a part of that, Ashley is doing a phenomenal job as a judge, and we stand by him and stand by that performance 100 percent.” She said.

Amanda was one of the first people to see the dance and said she knew it was going to make an impact. She added, “I loved the fact it celebrated the entire year and that kind of sense of community.”

Amanda was disappointed with people’s negative response to the dance but remained positive, saying, “I think the number of negative complaints means this conversation is right.”

She told The Sun that, despite the numerous complaints, they have also received “hundreds of thousands” of positive responses.

Amanda Holden Speaks Out About Diversity's Black Lives Matter Dance. Says She is "Proud"

Ashley Banjo himself has personally received a lot of negativity since that performance, and he posted an Instagram video talking about how he feels about the entire thing.

Amanda praised his positive energy saying, “I think he is an extraordinarily intelligent man. He sends out positive vibes to the haters and the lovers of the piece that they did, and it just shows what an amazing human being he is.”

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