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Anna Heinrich Said That She Is “Too Big To Wear Anything”

Anna Heinrich, a Bachelor, is all set up for welcoming her first baby girl together with her Tim Robards in further coming weeks.

Anna Heinrich Said That She Is "Too Big To Wear Anything"

By being heavily pregnant, the star, 33, reflected upon tye downside on Sunday and was not being able to fix her body in any clothing.

By sharing a throwback picture, the 33-year-old posted 9n Instagram, posing in a black tiny bikini.

The criminal lawyer captioned it as: “This pic was taken about about a month ago, when I could still fit into my old swimmers (sort of).”

She continued: “I’ve officially doubled in size since then and fit in nothing, but loving my belly more.”

“On the home stretch. Feeling excited and nervous as all hell. Once again, off to clean the house.”

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