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Avicii Got ‘BETRAYED’ By Closest Pals After Warning Them …”Career Was killing me”!!!

His closest pals betrayed Avicii. Tim Bergling, well know by his millions of fans as Avicii. He suicided at the age of 28; today would have been his 31st birth anniversary.

Avicii Got 'BETRAYED' By Closest Pals After Warning Them ..."Career Was killing me"!!!

When he was at the highest point world’s biggest names in dance and music, he walked away from it by own. Avicii was battling from the anxiety and agonizing pain for many years as he toured the world almost always.

At last, he could not cope with this pressure and stress he was under, the superstar walked away from fame and stopped touring altogether. After two years at the age of 28, he took his own life. This incident was devastating for his family, friends, and all his fans over the world.

In a heartbreaking letter to Avicii’s fans, his family said Tim had struggled with thoughts about Meaning, Life, Happiness. He could now not go on any longer. He wanted to find peace. Avicii tried to take a break to recuperate from serious health problems before quitting live performances. But despite quitting his shows for eight months, as soon as he came with a thrust to the limelight, all his problems resurfaced; and the young DJ knew it was the time to call it a day.

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