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Bert Belsasco Dies At 38 …Star Of Let’s Stay Together!!!

TMZ learned Bert Belasco, the star of “Let’s Stay Together,” dies at 38.

Bert Belsasco Dies At 38 ...Star Of Let's Stay Together!!!

Bert sr., Bert’s father, told that the body of son was found in Richmond, VA, inside a hotel room, and also said that he was about to start a project for a new movie role.

Bert Sr. Said that Bert was quarantining as per guidelines before jumping on a new movie set.

Yet the circumstances of his death are not opened up.

But they have known that his girlfriend was unable to control herself, and she went to the hotel staff to check Bret out.

Bert Belsasco Dies At 38 ...Star Of Let's Stay Together!!!

His family was waiting for the autopsy result after the blood was discovered on the sheet.

Bret was just turned 38 and died.


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