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Braunwyn Windham-Burke Is ‘Coming To Terms’ Along With Sexuality

Braunwyn Openly said about how her life was at the time of separation from her husband.

Braunwyn Windham-Burke Is 'Coming To Terms' Along With Sexuality
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On Tuesday, the star of “Real Housewives of Orange County,” Said while chatting with ‘Access Hollywood,’ she said that she had some significant realizations after announcing that she was a big alcoholic during Bravo’s season premiere.

The blogger said: “I’m also coming to terms with different parts of my sexuality that I never really gave myself the grace to consider.”

“Right now, I’m protective of this, I’m not blasting it out everywhere, but there are definitely parts of me that I quelched with alcohol, and I never really admitted to myself.”

The 42-year-old star continued: “I grew up in a different time than my kids are.”

“And so I’m just giving myself the time and the grace to figure out who I am to be as authentic as I can to myself. There are a lot more things about me that I never gave myself the ability to look into,” She continued.

She reported that she is currently not living with her husband; the star said to Andy Cohen: “Currently Sean and I are not living in the same house.”

“I love him dearly; we get along great, we’re getting along better than we ever have. But we are redefining our marriage right now, and you know, there are some things I am going through that I’m giving myself the time and the space to acknowledge, and Sean’s been very supportive in all of this.”

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