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CARDI B Clothes, Jewelry & Beer …LET’S GET ‘WAP’ EVERYWHERE!!!

Cardi B is trying to certify the new WAP at the trademark office which she found and now want everyone to notice it and taste that seven days weekly.

CARDI B Clothes, Jewelry & Beer ...LET'S GET 'WAP' EVERYWHERE!!!

In the last week, Cardi B filled the paperwork and said she WAP to be slapped everywhere you can ever notice on headwear, athletic bags, clothing, footwear and jewellery too. And at last, She wants everyone to drink this WAP too!!!

So on Cardi B filed the paperwork to put the trademark for liquor beverages and liquor, beer, mineral water, sport’s drink, and also on the soft drinks.

For stickers and posters, she filed for taking good measures.

After Megan Thee Stallion and Card B’s Amazing sexually explicit track made records last month and now Cardi B launched a WAP merchandise line along with the water-resistant theme, which features rain ponchos, umbrella, biker shorts and spandex shorts bras foe sale.

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