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Cardi B Is Done Because Of Offsets Cheating!!!

Cardi B and Offset are a great duo of hip hop’s world, and they are the beloved duo of all time. In the modern age, the team of these two rappers are a great example of love and commitment along with their two years daughter. Couples got married nearly three years ago.

But the reason is their relationship has significant problems, the pair had faced many obstacles as they have their time together. The drama was started on 22 March when Offset tries to hide his phone from Cardi and to prompt rumours that “he might be up to no good once again.”

Cardi B Is Done Because Of Offsets Cheating!!!
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Offset was recording himself at the time of playing a video game that time Cardi B called him. As the time Cardi made her way to the room Offset got his phone in hand and rushed to put in in his pocket. But as she entered, Offset was struggling to put it in his pocket, so he quickly lifted his body and got the device under the butt.

One Twitter user declared by commenting, “Offset never changed and will never change. Too bad cuz Cardi deserves better.”

And then one fan echoed the sentiment by saying, “Offset ain’t sh*t like Cardi b is everything‚Ķ”

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