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Cardi B’s Leather Catsuit & Tapered Braaa!!!

Cardi B’s Leather Catsuit Tapered Braaa!!!

Cardi B's Leather Catsuit & Tapered Braaa!!!

The 28-year-old WAP hitmaker was in a stunning look in a black leather Catsuit which was tied from the waist and thigh-high leather boots with a Tapered Bra.

Cardi wrote: “The work was long today … hold on and don’t give any clues as to what was going on.”

“Work was long today … Hold on.” Cardi B came in a thigh-high boot while on her Instagram post and a beautiful Catsuit with a tapered bra on Tuesday.

The singer and musician were surrounded by highlighting black and white balloons which shaped for her snap as arcs.

Cardi B was working on her new music collaboration which will be available on 13th November with Reebok.

She recently also says;

“Wow Wow! I love my @ Reebok collab packaging. I’ve never seen it in person. These will be delivered tomorrow. I love it! I hope you love it.”

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