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Charlie D’Amelio talks about her Struggles with Eating Disorder

Charlie D’Amelio mentioned that she was facing an eating disorder and was also admitted for that reason. D’Amelio was very Afraid to reveal it publically.

Charlie D'Amelio talks about her Struggles with Eating Disorder
Dani Diamond / Courtesy of the D’Amelio Family

Right now, you can say it easily that TikTok Star Charlie D’Amelio is one most recognizable teens in the world. In March, Charlie D’Amelio shot fame of becoming the most fans followed start on TikTok, and her followers are triggered to grow continuously since.

She has always been honest with her fans about her experience of opposite side fame, especially in relation to online harassment and body-shaming.

Charli D’Amelio tweeted in April after she was pushed to delete the bikini photograph from Instagram:
“It’s not your place to tell me if I’m losing weight or gaining weight.”

“Why don’t we all just be respectful and understand that we should just be kind and uplift everyone instead of trying to bring others down.”

Last month along with family at an interview, Charli opened that a person has followers who see them as objects,
“to judge and objectify and call names and bully.”

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