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Cheyenne Floyd Expecting First Child With Zach Davis!

Cheyenne Floyd has a baby on board with Zach Davis.

Cheyenne Floyd
Asha Bailey Photography / Cheyenne Floyd

The star of “Teen Mom OG” has opened on Thursday that Zach Davis is expecting her first child and shared a pregnancy snap on Instagram.

Cheyenne is already mom to Ryder, who is a daughter with her ex- Cory Wharton.

On Instagram, she posted a series of photos and captioned it as: “We are extremely blessed and honored that this little one has chosen us as parents. We prayed for this moment and wanted to hold on to it as long as we could. The past few months have been life changing in the best ways possible.”

Cheyenne Floyd
Asha Bailey Photography / Cheyenne Floyd

“Ryder is so excited to be a big sister again and is already super protective over my bump. She prays for the baby every night and kisses my belly every morning. Zach, you have been nothing but supportive and there every step of the way.”

“Thinking about how young we were when we first met and how far we have come, I could not be more proud of us today. My heart is so full. Let the next adventure began.”

Cheyenne Floyd took a moment and Mentioned that over pregnancy fans should not speculate.

Cheyenne Floyd
Asha Bailey Photography / Cheyenne Floyd

She wrote: “Our pregnancy was never some huge secret like many of you have assumed and exposed over and over again.”

“I showed a lot quicker this pregnancy. I have been getting asked and told I was pregnant for the past two years. Any sign of weight gain and I was being told I was pregnant. Please do better and respect women, their bodies and do your best not to diagnose them over a picture.”

Cheyenne Floyd
Cheyenne Floyd / Asha Bailey Photography

Floyd added: “You never know what is going on behind closed doors – health issues, fertility problems etc.”

“We waited till we were in a safe zone and got all the testing back. I wish I didn’t have to address this, but we have to do better as women.”

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