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Chris Hemsworth Has Eyes Only For Wife!!!

Chris Hemsworth, 37, who is the father of twins Triston and Sasha, 6, and 8-year-old India with his Elsa Pataky, openly claimed that he is only interested in his model, 44, and doesn’t get jealous his other half, of Marvel fans swooning over him.

Chris Hemsworth Has Eyes Only For Wife!!!

Thor further said: “It has been great to be a part of Marvel over the last decade, and I’ve loved the travel and work, but it has meant a lot of time away from home.”

“To not be dedicated to by a schedule and to be able to have proper quality family time has been amazing.”

Chris told New! magazine when he was asked that she gets jealous: “No, not at all – she knows I only have eyes for her.”

Anyways Chris knows better than the past several years were not good as a good marriage and took hard work.

The actor explained: “There are challenges, and you have to work hard – a good marriage doesn’t just happen.”

“I’ve been so fortunate to have had the career I’ve had so far, but my biggest achievement is without a doubt, my family. My family and closest friends are some of the kindest and compassionate people I know – but my absolute greatest achievement is, of course, my children.”

Chris Hemsworth Has Eyes Only For Wife!!!

The Star of many blockbuster movies is ready to take part in small movies from now.

He mentioned: “So much of what I have done over the last decade has been big special effects blockbusters. But I really would like to do smaller budget movies that are more character-driven.”

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