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Chris Hughes’ Brother’s Devastating Diagnosis After Testicular Cancer Battle.

Who knew that that the testicular examination that Chris underwent would be the beginning of a life-changing discovery for his brother, Ben Hughes.

Ex- Love Islander, Chris Hughes, took part in a live testicular examination on This Morning, which has gotten over 35 million views. Chris Hughes disclosed that he had numerous operations to treat a varicocele on one of his testicles which he discovered when he was 14. He decided to have a live examination in a bid to inspire and sensitize men about the importance of their reproductive health. Chris said “We have a problem with a lot of men in this world, with health, they put off because they’re scared to go to the doctors or they don’t want people to see certain areas of their body when those doctors see things all the time”

Chris revealed that he had been warned that he could have problems if he ever wanted to have children as a result of the condition. This act of bravery spurred his older brother, Ben, to examine his own testicles, and he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He gave credit to his brother, Chris, for saving his life.

Shortly before starting his treatment, he decided to freeze his sperm to be used after the surgery. It was at this point he got wrecking news that the sample he provided had no sperm at all.

The brothers are imploring men to check themselves regularly and speak up about their reproductive health.

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