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Chrissy Teigen said her pregnancy was Affected by ‘Pizzagate insanity’

Chrissy Teigen has spoken about conspiracy theories that have affected her life.

Chrissy Teigen said her pregnancy was Affected by 'Pizzagate insanity'
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Now she has learned how to face their attacks. The cookbook writer is pregnant for her third child with her husband, singer John Legend.

She has revealed how wrongly linking with convicted sex offender Jeffery Epstein on social media has hit her mental health and also on pregnancy. With accusations and unsubstantiated allegations of sex trafficking, Chrissy’s social media account was hit too.

Chrissy’s social media comments with pizza emojis regarding “pizzagate” theories. Chrissy and John had never been formally accused she deleted about 6,000 tweets from her account. She performed this action because of safeguarding her family and close ones.

On the Instagram post, she wrote; I had lived a life begging for people to like me and thought she was calm and funny and their friend, and bam, it felt like everyone f***ing hated me. I couldn’t do anything right, say anything right. She also added; that her fan page is asking her that she even wants to keep talking after this super hated comment.

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