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Coronavirus Hasn’t Gotten any Weaker— Dr. Hilary Jones Warns Parents.

It’s no news that the coronavirus is still a pandemic, which is still very much on the increase. In today’s episode of Good morning Britain, Dr. Hilary Jones, a medical expert, talked about the rise in the number of cases among children and babies.

He made this statement while reacting to a video of a 29-year-old man — who had contracted the virus and urged people to take necessary precautions as there’s a second wave hitting. Dr. Jones said the video was a warning to everyone, especially young people who think they were immune to the virus.

Warning about the surge, Dr. Jones said, “It happens to young people, it happens to children and it can happen to babies.” Susanna Reid, GMB host, interrupted and insisted that the cases are “exceptionally rare.” Piers Morgan, GMB co-host interjected, “But it can happen.” And that’s Dr. Jones’s main point.

Dr. Hilary Jones agreed, stating, “when there are rising cases it can become more common and less rare. And that’s the problem — unless you get the prevalence down you see increasing numbers in all age groups but particularly, the vulnerable.”

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