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Cristiano Ronaldo Brother Under Investigation For Fraud

Cristiano Ronaldo Brother is under investigation for fraud, Hugo Aveiro was meant to be destroyed after selling shirts.

Cristiano Ronaldo Brother fraud
Cristiano Ronaldo Brother

According to the reports, Lindaikejisblog reported: “Hugo Dinarte Aveiro is reportedly under investigation by an Italian prosecutor as he has been accused of selling some special shirts produced by a small Turin company called Pegaso that manufactures and distributes sports gadgets and clothing.”

As Cristiano Ronaldo owns a company named “Mussara” and the same is Company is further managed by his brother, Hugo Aveiro.

They by the behalf of Company’s from Pegaso they have ordered the number of shirts.

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According to the reports: “Pegaso were asked to produce the jerseys for Mussara, only for Mussara to pull the plug on manufacturing asking the company to send all already produced shirts so they could be disposed of.”

Now Pegaso claims that the shirts are put on sale at “Cristiano Ronaldo” museum and weren’t destroyed by Mussara.

And now as Pegaso has filed to take legal action against Mussara, Hugo is facing investigation, who runs Mussara.

Cristiano Ronaldo Brother

Ronaldo’s family is facing legal issues, but this is not the first time.

Yet, Ronaldo was also suspended jail sentence at once when his time at Real Madrid for tax frauding.

Cristiano Ronaldo Brother fraud

According to Spanish prosecution “Ronaldo deprived the Spanish government out of 5,717,174 euros (£5.3 million) during a space of four years.”

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