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Damon Albarn: “We Need Live Music”

Damon Albarn has unique thinking and said that the right “prescription” against Coronavirus Is live music.

Damon Albarn: "We Need Live Music"

Gorillaz and Blur’s star said: “It’s a medical emergency but an existential one as well. You’ve got to allow music to continue … We are trying to preserve everyone’s health at the moment so passionately, we mustn’t ignore live music in that prescription.”

“If people are willing to perform, they should be allowed to, no one should be forced to do anything but if people are willing then somehow we can make it work so everyone can feel comfortable and participate.”

The star added: “That anxiety is inevitably in it, that we all share. We had planned we’d fly to Atlanta and meet [Elton] there, and that became impossible, but somehow we still found that spirit via Zoom. It’s been an important lifeline for creative work. I’ve never worked like that, it’s always been an in-the-room process, but it didn’t seem to inhibit music in the end.”

He also shared while speaking to “Sky News”: “I try to please but maybe sometimes I challenge more than I please, maybe that’s just me. It’s more important than ever to imagine the future.”

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