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“Dancing With The Stars”: Fans Signing Petition To Bring Tom Bergeron

“Dancing With The Stars” season 29 is wrapping up, and many fans have come front to change the staff of hosting for the 30th Season of 2021’s of the Show.

"Dancing With The Stars": Fans Signing Petition To Bring Tom Bergeron
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Only fans are taking steps to remove Tyra Banks from the show and started a petition on to get Tom Bergeron on “Dancing With The Stars.”

The petition, which was started before starting the 29th season and reads, Tom Bergeron is the best host for “Dancing With The Stars.”

The full petition reads: “This show will not be the same without him and you risk losing a large portion of your audience by getting rid of this fan-favorite host.”

“Let Tom be the one and only host of Dancing With the Stars. Please, bring him back as host.”

"Dancing With The Stars": Fans Signing Petition To Bring Tom Bergeron
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There was another petition to bring Erin Andrews and Tom Bergeron, that reads;

“ABC, do the right thing and Bring Tom and Erin back!!”

“From what I understand, they seemed to have been blindsided by the decision. It was not fair to them at all, especially to Tom who has put 15 years into the show.”

Tyra Banks should be removed from the host of Dancing With The Stars, another petition says.

The petition read: “Remove Tyra Banks as the host.”

“Restore Dancing With the Stars to its former glory.”

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