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Danny Dyer’s Grandmother Died!!!

The star of “EastEnders” is now busy mourning his grandmother’s loss and has passed away sadly after getting discharged from the hospital ao that she can pass away peacefully at her home after a battle from pneumonia.

Danny Dyer's Grandmother Died!!!

Mum of Danny, Christian, shared the heartbreaking news on Twitter on 5th November on Thursday and said that her mother was moved home from the hospital to pass in comfort and peace at her home.

She writes: “I didn’t see my little mum for 10 days when she was in hospital and a wonderful doctor allowed me to give her a cuddle wearing full PPE. They let me take her home so she could die in her own house.”

“I will be eternally grateful to that wonderful doctor giving me that last cuddle and a chat. I miss her dreadfully (sic)”

But Danny has not commented on the news Publicly of her grandmother, so it’s not wholly known when she died.

In back June, Christina also Revealed in a tweet: “My little mum is in hospital with pneumonia. Not Covid thank f**. I’m taking up parcels and phoning her, but not being able to visit her is f** devastating.”

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