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Demi Lovato Hints a Broken Engagement in Her New Ballad Single, “Still Have Me.”

The “Ok Not to be Ok” singer, Demi Lovato, has finally spoken about her broken engagement in her new single, “Still Have Me.”

“I’m in a mess, and I’m still broken, but I’m finding my way back, and it feels like someone’s stolen all the light I ever had.” The first verse of the single gives a hint of Demi’s current state, broken (a broken relationship).

Demi sings that she’s shattered, and she’d rather be alone. “At least, I still have me,” she says in the song.

Sources say that she wrote the song a few months ago, but made some changes in the lyrics due to her newly single status.

She teased the release in a Twitter post on Tuesday, writing, “Music is always there for me, song in the morning.” She then went on to release the single on Wednesday.

Lovato, who got engaged with actor Max Ehrich in July this year, canceled the engagement last weekend. With Max claiming to find out about the news on “Tabloid,” he has since Monday accepted his status as a single man.

It seems Demi’s representatives were uninformed before the release. They pushed to make the single available to stream on platforms like Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify.

Demi’s supervisor, Scooter Braun, commented on Instagram, “Now let’s get it up on streamers” with a smiley face alongside a sweet emoji.

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