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Diego Maradona Was Going Through Major Heart, Liver And Kidney Problems

Diego Maradona, a legendary footballer, was passed away on 25th November due to heart failure. It was also claimed that he was also suffering from central heart, liver, and kidney problems.

Diego Maradona had no traces of alcohol or illegal drugs in his blood and urine when he died

And no illegal drugs or alcohol was found in his body; the post revealed that he was on prescription drugs like Venlafaxine, Levetiracetam, and Quetiapine.

One of the investigators told Telam Press: “What’s come out of the laboratory analysis is as important as what hasn’t, which simply confirms that Maradona was given psychotropic drugs but no medicine for heart disease.”

According to the words cane by his lawyer, the Argentinian footballer passed away at 60 in November after successful brain surgery and had a blood clot in the brain.

Diego Maradona was reported to be one of the greatest footballers of all time as he also captained at the time of victory at the 1986 world cup and achieved “sporting greatness.”

The Argentina legend passed away on November 25

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