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Drew Barrymore Got A Reunion With Macaulay Culkin After 31 Years Virtually!!!

Drew Barrymore has welcomed a big surprising guest to her talk show on Friday, and the big star was no other than her co-star, Macaulay Culkin, after a significant 31 years.

Drew Barrymore Got A Reunion With Macaulay Culkin After 31 Years Virtually!!!

The two Actor who become very famous at Their young ages by sharing a big screen for Romantic comedy in 1989, “See You In the Morning” and after that they both got a surprise reunion with each other after 31 years virtually at “The Drew Barrymore Show”.

After bringing an image of the cast, Drew said to Macaulay: “That is when we first met and we played stepbrother and stepsister.”

“And you haven’t aged a bit since then.”

Drew than replied: “Neither have you,” and continued: “I’m so happy for you and your whole family, because right before we worked together, you went and did ‘Home Alone.’ And both of us went on to keep acting and living our lives. And I remember your family also being around the set. And you were a real family operation, which I really loved.”

Drew continued: “And he was telling us and me that he loves watching it.”

“And it meant so much to me. I love Rory and we got to be in the ‘Scream’ franchise together, and I love your brother Kieran. And you know, I really love yours and your brother’s journey and that we’ve all got to be a part of it all of these years. And you’ve always been so kind. And I just think the world of you McCauley, you’re such a cool cat.”

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