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Eddie Hassell’s Murder …18-Year-Old Is Arrested!!!

A 18-year-old is arrested at Texas in Grand Prairie in case of a murder of the star of “The Kids Are All Right,” Eddie Hassell.

Eddie Hassell's Murder ...18-Year-Old Is Arrested!!!
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On November that the kid was arrested, D’jon Antone and the news was reported on Wednesday by Fox 4 News withtge help of “US Marshal Services fugitive task force”.

Eddie Hassell's Murder ...18-Year-Old Is Arrested!!!
David Edwards

His girlfriend, Andrea Trester said to Fox 4 News: “He literally didn’t have anything on him but my keys, as far as I knew.”

“His wallet was on the counter. His car keys were on my counter. I don’t understand why this happened. He was just so loved. So, so loved.”

After the shooting in Nissan Sentra in Trester, an affidavit video depicted a surveillance “an unknown black male believed to be in his early teens fleeing the apartment complex.”

He was shot to death outside the Trester’s appartment on 1st November Sunday.

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