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Eileen Pollock Dies At 73 And The Co-stars Leading Tribute

Eileen Pollock dies at 73; she was best known in Bread, BBC’S comedy series, as she played the role of “Lilo” Lill.

Eileen Pollock

Her family further confirmed the news that she died in London on 19th December at home.

They would remember Eileen as “writer, storyteller and actor” in a tribute, they said and described her as “dear sister, loved aunt and great aunt.”

“Your beauty, laughter and loving eyes gave joy to all.”

Eileen Pollock
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Actor Dan Gordon told Irish News: “We used to call her ‘Polly’s People’ because she picked up all the waifs and strays along the way and would never see them stuck.”

“She’d meet someone in the town when we were on tour and say, ‘they’re down on their luck’ and would bring them to see the show and buy them a drink afterwards.”

“She was great fun and the one thing I remember is that I never saw her angry. I never once seen her cross with anyone.”

Eileen Pollock

“She was an extraordinary woman, a beautiful person.”

She got great fame from 1986 to 1991 in the BBC series Bread.

She told while talking about her time in 2004: “I like it when someone says in a supermarket ‘you know who you remind me of, don’t take offence, that tart from Bread.'”

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