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Gary Numan Hates Being Apart From Gemma

Gary Numan claims that he hates the time, he is apart from her wife Gemma.

Gary Numan

The hitmaker of “Cars” thinks about Gemma as she is his soulmate and he hates when she is apart, if it also a few hours or a day.

After a question Gemma is his soulmate, he replied: “I do, I suppose. I wouldn’t use that word.”

“But I do believe… she seems to be so perfectly suited, it’s as if we were made for each other. Like a perfectly fitting glove that ages with you.”

“How long have we been together now? 28 years. Yeah. And I still miss here. I still miss her when she goes to the shops.”

“So I guess ‘soulmate’ is one way of putting it.”

The 62-year-old gave credits his wife, with he also shares his three kids together. Gary Numan told Digest magazine of Reader: “That whole change of direction was entirely down to Gemma and her support.”

Gary Numan

“Even up to this very day, she’s still an important part of it. She keeps me going the right way.”

He continued: “I still struggle. I’ll go into the studio later today and I’ll be nervous or anxious that I’m not going to come up with an idea.”

“If I do come up with something I’m happy with, it’ll be as if it’s just the best day ever.”

“And if I don’t, I’ll be really miserable and down.”

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