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Hilaria Baldwin ‘may’ be Considering Having a Sixth Child

The Living Clearly Method Author, Hilaria Baldwin, who delivered her fifth child three weeks ago, might try again for her sixth. Hilaria’s fifth child with Alec Baldwin was a boy named Eduardo.

Her other kids, Daughter Carmen and sons Rafael, Leonardo, and Romeo, keep asking her if she is pregnant again. Her response suggests she might be, but soon.

Hilaria Baldwin 'may' be Considering Having a Sixth Child

When they asked her, “Mommy, you have a baby in your belly?” she was like, “Absolutely not.”

She says, “He’s three weeks old (Eduardo), absolutely not right now. We’ll see.”

Hilaria also spoke about Eduardo. She expressed her gratitude over him, not leaving the complaints anyways. “All of my little complaints don’t add up to how amazing it is, but it is a lot. School started literally at the same time he was born, and we are still doing homeschool.”

Hilaria describes Alec’s life as a father of five as “very cushy.” She says, “The baby sleeps in the room, so he’s privy to all the times that I wake up yet I’ve never asked him to do anything. She seldom asks him to do anything for her, except to hold the baby for “like seven minutes,” as she said.

Hilaria Baldwin 'may' be Considering Having a Sixth Child

Alec, however, has confessed that he is satisfied with five, and just five. He said, ” I’m not going to keep trying, no, I’m done trying. It’s either going to be fine or my wife’s going to get remarried, one or the other. She is going to marry a guy who produce

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