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Holly Willoughby Claims, She Wants Another Baby, WOW¿😍

Holly Willoughby already shares three kids with herhusband, Dan Baldwin.

Holly Willoughby

And now she has opened up that she wants another, the fourth baby as she came on This Morning. The 39-year-old TV while hosting the first episode of This Morning’s Christmas Day while alongside Phillip Schofield.

Holly Willoughby and Phil have already kept the episode of This Morning pre-recorded to keep their viewers entertaining also at the end of the year, in Christmas.

She gave that reply after they were asked, “how Blake’s big sisters” have been, she replied: “They are brilliant. They are constantly all over him and fighting about who’s going to hold him and who’s passing me the baby wipes…”

“but it’s really nice, and I think because he’s a boy there’s no competition, they are just trying to be mini mummies!”

Holly Willoughby Claims, She Wants Another Baby, WOW¿😍

And at the end, Holly says, “Oh I want one of those…” After that, Phillip said: “No, you don’t!” for his reply, she says, “I do!” and Phillip says, “No you don’t, you’ve got enough!” Again Holly gushes by saying that “Ok… but I do!”

Holly started the show by saying, “It’s today! We are very excited to be celebrating with you this morning… and this is the first time ever, the first This Morning Christmas.”

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