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Hugh Grant says “Mobile phones are killing us”

Hugh Grant said that the Mobile phones are killing us, and he dubbed them as toxic too.

Hugh Grant says "Mobile phones are killing us"
(AFP via Getty Images)

The 60-year-old film star has also revealed that he was leaving his mobile phone in his hotel room, and then he was coming on the set to film a new psychological thriller, “The Undoing.”

The star told the Times Magazine: “I hate my phone. For the first time in ages, I spent 14 blissful hours at work without it.”

“It was like being in 1994 again.”

“Between set-ups, I studied my lines, I read a book or I talked to people.”

“It was really nice.”

Hugh added: “Phones are terrible things.”

Hugh Grant says "Mobile phones are killing us"
(AFP via Getty Images)

“They are toxic. I think they’re killing us.”

He also mentioned: “I’m trying to be a young father in an old man’s body and it’s rough, but it’s absolutely worth it. It’s just damned nice, isn’t it?”

Grant said: “You need a family. I get that now.”

“At some point, you turn into your own father.”

“You don’t realise you’re doing it, but you do.”

“I bark in exactly the same way that he barks at me.”

“I make a ridiculous grimace when I’m doing very easy tasks, just like him.”

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