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Jackson Warne Said That Dad Is Proud Of Him

Jackson Warne is one of a participant of SAS Australia, on the Channel Seven’s new military-style star gruelling new series.

Jackson Warne Said That Dad Is Proud Of Him
Shane Warne’s son, Jackson took a hat trick today playing for Brighton Grammar.

The son of a great Cricket Legend, Shane Warne, admitted in an Interview that is was a very crispy life because of growing in with a famous father.

Jackson said to the Daily Telegraph: “As someone who has lived a pretty comfortable life their whole life, hasn’t really had to struggle for much, didn’t really have a tough childhood.”

He continued: “I wanted to show just because I have all these nice and easy things, I can still do the tough stuff, I can still get my hands dirty and crawl around in the mud.”

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Jackson also mentioned about how he was expecting his dad to react to the series.

He said: “With my dad, he’ll be so proud of me because he knows I’ve had a pretty comfortable life, and I live pretty comfortably.”

Jackson wrote on Instagram by sharing a photo from the new series, that reads: “Whilst I was happy with my life and very content with my day today, I felt that I was almost too comfortable and something was missing.”

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