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Jane Fonda: “Celebrities Should Use Their Platforms For Good”

Jane Fonda: “Celebrities Should Use Their Platforms For Good”

Jane Fonda: "Celebrities Should Use Their Platforms For Good"

Jane Fonda had excellent thinking that all the Celebrities need to perform the use of their social media platforms for good.

The star of “Grace and Frankie” Also social issues v9cal advocate including the climate change and women’s rights opened up upon how the Celebrities who have excellent fame through their social media, they need to share their beliefs as they are the one who “people notice”.

Jane mentioned: “When someone famous takes a stand, people notice. Celebrities are repeaters. We don’t originate the voice; we pick up the voice and make sure it reaches a wide audience.”

“I’ve been involved in a lot of issues in the past. I’m a woman so I care about women’s issues, but right now and until I die the issue will be the climate because it affects everything else.”

The advocate added: “Whether there is a future that is worth living in is at stake and if that’s not a motivation, I don’t know what is. I want to be able to get to the end of my life and feel that I have done my best.”

After the question, what makes her angry, by Harper’s Bazaar UK, the star replied: “So many people that have power to do something, but won’t admit the cause of the climate crisis which is fossil fuels. What makes me furious is so many people talk about windmills and turbines, but they don’t talk about fossil fuels because it’s controversial. Grow some balls, the future is at stake.”

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