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Jane Fonda: “I ‘Didn’t Know’ How To Make Marriage Last”

The actress, 82, who is previously married to Ted Turner, Roger Vadim, and Tom Hayden, the actor was just 12 when her mum, Frances, took her own life.

Jane Fonda: "I 'Didn't Know' How To Make Marriage Last"
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The time of her mother’s death, her father got married to another three women, and maybe that time, Jane believes that the incidents didn’t give her an excellent example of long lasting relationships.

The actress said: “Those of us who had parents who stayed married their whole lives have a much easier job of making relationships work.”

“My dad was married five times. I didn’t know how to make a marriage work Maybe I was afraid of having a marriage work. I don’t know.”

At the time, Jane has never experienced a Lifelong marriage, but now she is not reflecting that she had “three very nice, interesting” Partners, and she’s thankful for the life spent by them.

In an interview with Grazia Magazine, Jane added, “It’s beautiful when it works, when people grow together and are together for an entire lifetime. How wonderful. I wish that I could have experienced that.”

“I’m missing something that would make a marriage work.”

“I don’t spend a lot of time regretting the fact I didn’t have one long marriage. I had three very nice, interesting marriages and I’m grateful for that.”

Jane Fonda said: “It was easy when you broke up, to take it and tear it up.

“Oh, no, my God, if there had been social media when I was younger, I’d probably be dead. I’m so glad there wasn’t.”

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