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Jedward Reveal In Her Final Days They Held Their Mother’s Hand

The Jedward twins, Edward and Jhon Grimes, revealed that they held Their Mother’s Hand in the final days of her cancer battle and played the Fleetwood Mac; the struggle of cancer was along about five years.

Jedward Reveal In Her Final Days They Held Their Mother's Hand

Susanna, their mother, died in 2019 February, and the twins also share how they are going to keep the ‘soul of Their Mother alive’ on Saturday.

The twin’s duo described the heartbreaking situation that the mother is not attending their weddings and not meeting the children’s.

On The Late Show, Edward told Ryan Tubridy: “We were there when she passed and we are thankful that we were there – we were able to hold her hand.”

“We had some earphones listening to some music. We listened to some Fleetwood Mac and some of her favourite songs that she liked to play.”

John added: “It’s very disheartening to think that she won’t be at our weddings, she won’t be there at the birth of our kids, but we always keep her spirit alive like have pictures of her around and tell stories.”

“You just feel so disconnected to the world because the person that kept you anchored in the world and gave birth to you is gone and now you don’t know where you should be, what you should be doing.”

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