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Jessica Plummer And Childhood Sweetheart Has ‘Secretly Split’

The news has come that Jessica Plummer “for a long time” has not been with her childhood sweetheart Jaz.

Jessica Plummer And Childhood Sweetheart Has ‘Secretly Split’
(Image: Instagram/Jessica Plummer)

The star of EastEnders, Jessica Plummer, had been secretly getting split with her childhood sweetheart.

The star is also seen recently continuously arguing with her Ex.

The Sun got footage related to her, 28-year-old star, Jessica Plummer, is Seen telling her ex Jaz before storming off that he is ‘selfish.’

The news has been given to Jaz and Jessica’s publication by an insider: “They haven’t been together in a long time – but they still see each other and co-parent.”

“Their daughter is the most important thing, and they always put her first.”

Jessica wrote by putting the images that read: “THANK YOU. Honestly means the world. Jaz and I are over the moon.”

“Couldn’t be happier to be starting a family with my childhood sweetheart.”

Then boyfriend to the news on Twitter by posting and video in that he says, “Me and my boo having a baby, and it’s going to be the best baby in the world.”

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