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JOE EXOTIC Said: “Please, Mr. President, Pardon Me …!”

Joe Exotic has submitted a complaint of 267 pages to President Donald Trump; he gives reason to be pardoned from his case.

Source: youtube

He has a 22 year murder for hire sentence. He claimed that he had been sexually harassed behind bars. Joe included in his letter saying; He has been harassed sexually behind bars by the jail staff, beat up and tied up on a chair at a point his skin came in his hands.

He apologized to Trump that his hands are damaged, so neglect the spelling mistakes and his handwriting.

He wrote by adding a hashtag; “#TrumpJr2024.” Joe said that he is feared that he can die before his schedule 2037 release. He also mentioned; his health is compromised because of various health issues, including anemia and common immune deficiency. Joe also said; He did not try to kill Carole Baskin, and all the threats he made were a hyperbole.

Joe’s lawyer said, according to the document, obtained from the TMZ. Another aspect of his showmanship was in bad taste; at most, Joe’s jokes were merely jokes, in bad taste.

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