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Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Appeals Johnny “Did Not Receive A Fair Trial”

Johnny Depp’s lawyer appealed that Johnny “did not recieve a fair Trial” and revealed that he assaulted his wife, Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp
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The 57-year-old Pirates Of The Caribbean sued The Sun for libel over the column of 2018 as Dan Wootton, who said him as a Wife beater in the newspaper.

Mr. Justice Nicol “failed to undertake any, or an adequate analysis, of Ms Heard’s shifting account, despite the importance of consistency as a consideration of a witness’s testimony,” his legal team claimed.

David Sherborne, Johnny Depp’s barrister, wrote in written submission as Mr. Justice Nicol “concluded that the appellant was guilty of serious physical assaults without taking account of or even acknowledging that Ms Heard had been untruthful in her evidence, without testing her account against the documentary evidence and the evidence of other witnesses, and without making any findings that he disbelieved those witnesses.”

He added: “His uncritical acceptance of her account of events is manifestly unsafe.”

Mr. David Sherborne argued: “The conclusion which flows from an overall assessment of the judgment is that (Mr Justice Nicol) decided to find for the ‘victim’ but failed to provide the necessary analysis to explain or justify that conclusion.”

He continued: “Also he excluded relevant evidence from his consideration, ignored or dismissed as irrelevant matters that substantially undermined Ms Heard, made findings unsupported by the evidence, and failed to assess whether her allegations could withstand proper scrutiny.”

Johnny Depp
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“The judge failed to properly assess her credibility by reference to documentary evidence, photographs, recordings or otherwise.”

Mr. Sherborne ended by saying that “This was a very public judgment, reached by a single judge, making devastating findings of extremely serious criminal offences having been committed, and where this has had wider ranging implications for the public at large, particularly victims, or those wrongly accused, of alleged domestic abuse.”

“It is important that in such circumstances, and especially where the flaws in this judgment are so many and so fundamental as to warrant a proper review, that there is an effective appeal process.”

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