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JUDGE RULES NICKI MINAJ …Did Not Commit Copyright Infringement!!!

A judge founded that Nicki’s interpolation as “fair use” of a Tracy Chapman song!
After the singer and a songwriter sued in 2018 the rapper for copyright infringement, Minaj has secured a legal victory against Tracy Champman.

JUDGE RULES NICKI MINAJ ...Did Not Commit Copyright Infringement!!!
 CREDIT: Rich Fury/Trisha Leeper/Getty Images.

The case showed a track from Champman’s 1988 debut album, the song ‘Baby Can I Hold You.’ And the Chapman song was interpolated by Nicki’s track record, ‘Sorry.’
The track was dropped from the tracklist for Nicki Minaj’s album, ‘Queen’ in 2018. And now, the Champman is repeatedly refusing to give permission to use the track and the song for Nicki Minaj and her representative.

JUDGE RULES NICKI MINAJ ...Did Not Commit Copyright Infringement!!!

The said in their news, “Even though ‘Sorry’ didn’t end up on ‘Queen,’ the track found its way into the hands of New York’s DJ Funkmaster Flex, who then broadcast it on air. Portions of the track were subsequently aired on the radio show The Breakfast Club and shared online, at which point Chapman filed the lawsuit. Though Chapman accused Minaj of sharing the song with Funkmaster Flex, both have denied that it was Minaj who gave him the track.”

“Artists usually experiment with works before seeking licenses from rights holders, and rights holders typically ask to see a proposed work before approving a license,” Judge Phillips said.

“A ruling uprooting these common practices would limit creativity and stifle innovation within the music industry.”

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