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JUSTIN BIEBER –“Yeezys On Yellow Vespa”!!!

Justin Bieber is tooling in the city of Angeles by a hot and classy new ride. A new yellow Vespa and had Kanye West’s latest kicks … Bieber is in no hell!!!

JUSTIN BIEBER --"Yeezys On Yellow Vespa"!!!

On his yellow Vespa, the singer came on the street on Thursday and was zipping around Los Angeles after his music video release for ‘Holy.’

Justin kept himself safe by wearing a black helmet and fresh too by wearing a bright pair of ‘Adidas Yeezy Foam RNNR Ararat’s’, and that is the latest in ‘Kanye’s futuristic footwear.’

JUSTIN BIEBER --"Yeezys On Yellow Vespa"!!!

As it is already reported that the Hailey and Biebs had paid a visit to Kayne his ranch in July.

Vroom, vroom!!!

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