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Justin Bieber’s “Popstar” Watch!!!

Justin Bieber’s “Popstar” Watch!!!
© Courtesy of Justin Bieber / Gabe Conte

Justin Bieber gave an oscar-winning performance in the new video of DJ Khaled and Drake’s “Popstar.”

On the track, drake suggested the song as it won’t get that big if there is not Bieber’s face in it; so, he invites his Canadian friend to stand with him in the Music Video.
Bieber came out in a full matched Versace sets, 80s-glam blue shearling coat, and Louis Vuitton pants. His main thing is focused on that he wears a killer watch at the time.

nd along with his dripping in chains, Justin has switched its mode to ‘popstar.’
The watch is a surprisingly subtle choice in this glamorous world. There are many pieces of a pop star if you can imagine, and you can take Justin Bieber, and Drake partially has all of them. But the Rolex Datejust worn here is not that necessarily in that popstar category, which is relatively humble.

Whether than choreography, entry-level timepieces, lyrics, and elevate all this through the star power—although if the job of the star-like Justin Bieber is to take some new raw materials.

Drake raps, “Two, four, six, eight watches, factory, so they appreciate,” Justin Bieber points a finger in the symbol of making a gun directly at the watch.

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